Fernhill Dinners

Delicious Dinners, Delightful Accomodation

Fernhill Dinners are an ongoing experiment in Social Dining.

Each menu is unique and created on the day with fresh ingredients, some favourites will be served again.

About once a month The Dinner Lady hosts and cooks a five course dinner in her own kitchen…

… and serves up to 12 guests at an antique mahogany dining table.

Guests can anticipate an array of experimental dishes, most have never been cooked before.

Springtime Delights – Saturday 2nd September, the second day of Spring

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April Inspiration

April Inspiration

Late summer has ripened mulberries, blackberries, blueberries, plums …… come and taste the magic that happens when they are partnered with other delicious ingredients to produce some sublime and innovative flavours.

At our April Dinner you will be welcomed with a cocktail concocted from one of the delicious, some of which have been blended and aged over the last few years of experiments. Some native berries and drupes are maturing for future years. Each course will feature a liqueur influence some of which may surprise, and hopefully, delight you.

Although the prime inspiration for this dinner will be the world of summer fruits, there is some fascinating history involved. It is also the height of harvest and you can expect some sumptuous taste sensations.

Liqueur Season

Liqueur Season

The mulberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and prune plums have been luscious and prolific – ideal for creating unique and delicious concotions. Pre-dinner cocktails, after dinner temptations and some special deserts will be on the menu. If you want recipes or ideas to create your own just ask.

The Dinner Lady

Homage to ‘Concrete Propositions 2’

At 4.00 p.m. I get the familiar feeling of anxiety – am I completely mad, how will everything come together, will it work having no green food? And we have our first ‘proper’ guests staying in the summer house. I soothe myself by remembering Ash’s beautiful painting and the colours that inspired me. I go outside, pick flowers for garnishing and some rosebuds for the table napkins, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.




I spent last Saturday watching Ash Keating recreate his amazing street art, ‘Concrete Propositions 2’, at the Manchester St. site which had been tagged. I found his process and the resulting art work totally inspiring and uplifting. It got me to thinking about what brings joy. For me it is often colour and people ( and cats, music, llamas, chocolate etc etc ).


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Valentine’s Eve Dinner

Valentine’s Eve Dinner

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Inspired by Christchurch Street art*. Expect colour, texture and unexpected combinations. The main treat will be sensational llama medallions. Please let me know if you want vegetarian options.

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*Ash Keating’s painting is on the Manchester St side of the Cathedral Junction building.